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The light of Christ illumines all!

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Third Sunday of Great Lent - The Veneration of the Cross

O Lord, save Thy people, and bless Thine inheritance. Grant victories to the Orthodox Christians, over their adversaries. And by virtue of Thy Cross preserve Your habitation!

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First Sunday of Great Lent - The Triumph of Orthodoxy!

Today we commemorate the restoration of the Holy Icons and the triumph of the Orthodox Faith against the terrible heresy of the Iconoclasts, i.e. those heretics who refused to honor the Holy Icons.

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Canon of St. Andrew of Crete

Ode 6
"I cried with my whole heart, unto the compassionate God, and He heard me, from the nether hades, and brought forth my life out of corruption."

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Clean Monday - First Day of Great Lent!

"Where shall I begin to weep for the actions of my wretched life? What first-fruit shall I offer, O Christ, in this my lamentation? But in Thy compassion grant me forgiveness of sins."
- First verse from the Canon of St. Andrew, chanted tonight on Clean Monday

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Church School Service Project

This morning, our church school students participated in a pre-Lenten service project. They worked on an icon frame craft, which Fr. Bill will then distribute during his Lenten visits to our parish members who can no longer come to church. It is a wonderful way to show them that we are thinking of them and they can stay connected with our youth and our parish.

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Blessed Feast of Theophany!

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Happy New Year!